High-Speed Sockets

Our engineering/design expertise covers everything from the device to the test head. What are your needs? Low contact resistance? Fine/micro pitch? High-performance? Extended life cycle durability?

Our team will help you match the ideal solution to your specifications. You can get a fully integrated interface that assures the high performance you need.

Discuss the requirements of your next testing assignment with us and discover the expertise and innovative solutions we can provide.

Learn more about the socket series that best fits your needs:

Protos PTS Series Sockets for QFN-BGA-LBGA-CSP devices

Protos PTS-LR Series Sockets a low-profile choice for QFN-BGA-LBGA-CSP devices

Protos PTS-QFP Series Sockets for QFP devices

Z-Smart Lid the ultimate test socket lid

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