PTS Series
for QFN-BGA-LBGA-CSP devices

Protos Electronics’ PTS sockets are high frequency, high reliability test sockets. They are designed to insure excellent contact and improve first pass yields. Micro pogo pins provide very low inductance and capacitance. Operating at frequencies up to > 40GHz, these sockets are highly reliable and can typically maintain performance well beyond 300,000 insertions.

The patent-pending lid design provides a single, easy action for inserting and extracting components. The lid design automatically compensates for variations in package thickness. It is removed in seconds to convert for handler use. Special lid designs are available to meet your specific thermal requirements.

Electrical Specifications (Based on pogo pin # B10091)
Bandwidth: 22.3GHz @ -0.992dB

Probe Resistance: Less than 50m ohm
Current Rating: 4.0A Continuous

Mechanical Specifications
Spring Force: .83oz (20.8g) @ .0177 (0.45mm) Travel

Contact Life: 300,000 insertions
Heat Sink: Can be customized into the lid


Insulator: 4203 Torlon
Contact: Spring probes

Operating Temperature

Temperature Range: -55 degrees C to +135 degrees C

Special lid options:
Standard Lid
Thermal Controlled
Aperture Lid
Side Venting
Heat Sink

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