Test Boards

On the surface, most performance boards look the same. (Actually, many salespeople selling cut-rate boards count on this fact.) In reality, the differences are often dramatic.

Board design can seriously affect the number of false passes or fails in your testing. To tell the difference, you need to look not just at the boards, but at the company doing your design.

At Protos Electronics, we have carefully documented the best design practices used by high-end test board designers over the past few decades. These proven techniques are applied in all of our work. This attention to detail starts in collecting and confirming all of the key specifications at the start of a design. It ends with one of the most detailed final inspections in the industry.

That's why all of our boards ship with a written guarantee that they will meet or exceed all specifications. No one in the industry stands behind their products as we do. And, no one is more committed to your success.

But, don't believe what we are saying here. Check us out for yourself on your next project. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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