Z-Smart Lid
It's engineered to fit the test sockets you use right now.

Introducing the ultimate test socket lid. The Z-Smart Lid by Protos Electronics provides ease-of-use with a full-range of thermal solutions. The unique lid design provides a single, easy action for inserting and extracting components. It uses patent-pending Z-Smart Technology™ to automatically compensate for variations in package thickness.

The ease-of-use translates to increased throughput. The automatic z-height adjustment translate to improved test accuracy. When you are ready to convert your interface to handler use, the Z-Smart Lid can be removed in seconds.

Plus the Z-Smart Lid can be made to fit your preferred test sockets. That's right. It will work with any manufacturer's socket.

When you total up: automatic z-height adjustments, a full-range of thermal solutions, easy-to-use design, and the ability to fit any manufacturer's socket, there is only one smart choice — The New Z-Smart Test Socket Lid from Protos Electronics.

Standard Lid
Thermal Controlled
Side Venting
Heat Sink

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Z-Smart Lid